PrimeMovers provides valuable insight for decision makers into the values and preferences of a wide array of stakeholders who may have a significant impact on future policies.

Topics include:

  • Promoting fair, forward-looking rewards for innovation
  • Assuring patient access to innovation through managed entry agreements
  • Conducting health technology assessments that ascertain the full impact of innovation
  • Conducting value-based assessments, including value-based benefit design
  • Advising on optimal regulation and its impact on access and availability of medical technologies from a regional/global perspective
  • Initiating an integrated approach to managed entry agreements, including:
    • A taxonomy for understanding and describing different types of managed entry, including coverage with evidence development, patient access schemes and approaches to risk sharing
    • A stakeholder approach to managed entry taking interests across the wider stakeholder community into account
    • Having quantitative information on agreements across OECD countries
    • Predicting future trends in managed entry agreements
  • Rethinking the value of innovation in rare diseases and orphan drugs